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Labeling sheet

Well known for its logistical efficiency when exporting, GROUPE TRANSIT offers you its ‘Labelling’ service, which includes the complete revision of labels and nutritional sheets. Download the PDF

Logistics Hubs Sheet

With its extensive network of logistics warehouses (HUBS), GROUPE TRANSIT offers the opportunity to get closer to your customers as if they were your neighbor. Download the PDF

Forwarding agent

GROUPE TRANSIT offers you its ‘International Freight Forwarder’ service, which supports you in your international shipments by sea, air, road and rail.. Download the  PDF

FSVP sheet

GROUPE TRANSIT and its American partner VMS, can represent your company as the FDA’s first point of contact for any questions about your food safety programs, international certifications and annual audits. Download the PDF

Cargo Insurance

A shipment not covered by additional insurance can cause a major loss, or even put your business at risk. With our TransitGO coverage, work with peace of mind and focus on what you do best. Download the PDF

Useful Documents

Various tools related to the field of transport.

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