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International Transport

Door to door transport, from anywhere in the world to anywhere!

Our direct agreements with carriers and our network of partners around the world offer a strength that allows professional support and follow-up, as if you were doing it yourself.

  • Air, maritime, road, and intermodal quotes
  • Coordination and monitoring of movements in transit
  • Checking / Updating Documentation
  • Real-time tracking during customs clearance
  • Coordination of final deliveries – appointment scheduling

GROUPE TRANSIT relies on a network of leading partners in more than 500 cities around the world.

Support program for French exporters

Good news for French companies in France and overseas.

GROUPE TRANSIT is recognized in the Support Program for French exporters in collaboration with BusinessFrance.

In 2021, GROUPE TRANSIT‘s services of logistics preparation, regulatory studies, regulatory compliance assessment and labeling compliance in order to support companies in their export development, are eligible to the Chèque Relance Export system and to that of prospecting insurance, in direct relation with BUSINESS FRANCE and BPIFRANCE (subject to acceptance of your file).

To find out more and discuss with one of our experts, without any commitment on your part, contact us.

Road, domestic and cross-border transport


We are well aware that Canada and the United States represent an enormous challenge for foreign manufacturers, both because of the vast territory and the many markets, which are as different and unique from each other.

Being located in each of these markets, GROUPE TRANSIT offers you this proximity as if you were there! Our road and intermodal transport offer is unparalleled. Whether it’s frozen, temperature controlled or dry, LTL, FTL or simple parcels, no worries!

Our drivers all have GPS tracking systems and are CTPAT certified, the highest level of safety in North America.

We are also recognized for our ‘last mile’ deliveries. No more delays, penalties or even worse, being ‘unlisted’ by your clients. With your products already in our local logistics warehouses, it is even easier to be on time for your regular deliveries, but also flexible for your emergency deliveries.

  • Canada-USA deliveries
  • Intra-USA and intra-Canada deliveries
  • Pickups and deliveries directly to ports and airports
  • Direct deliveries to our logistics warehouse networks (HUBS)
  • Deliveries from our HUBS to customers

‘My cargo is insured’. Really?

Cargo Insurance Coverage

Few people know this, but when moving cargo, in Canada and internationally, the common carrier has only limited liability with respect to YOUR cargo. Therefore, a shipment not covered by additional insurance can lead to a major loss, even putting your business at risk.

Did you know? By the Warsaw Convention, carriers have limited their liability.

The liability of carriers is limited to:

    • Air : 30 USD/kg
    • Ocean: 500 USD/loading unit
    • Road : 2.00 USD/lbs (4.41 USD/kg)
    • Train : 0.92 CAD/lbs

Example: Shipping container transport

You will only receive $500 for a container lost at sea or damaged, regardless of the value of the goods!!! Not to mention that you will receive this $500 one year after filing a claim, sending the documents and proving their responsibility!

For just a few dollars per shipment, take out cargo insurance coverage today that will protect all of your shipments, whether by plane, truck, boat, train or through an integrator.

With Groupe Transit, work with peace of mind and focus on what you do best:  DEVELOPPING YOUR BUSINESS!