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International Transport & Transborder Canada-USA

Our team

GROUPE TRANSIT started in 2017 with the desire of President Jacques Bédard to offer small Canadian food manufacturers the possibility of importing small batches into the United States, frozen or dry, while being competitive.

Today, GROUPE TRANSIT  relies on a team deployed in Canada, the United States and Western Europe to provide foreign food companies with transport, customs clearance, logistics, regulatory and customs verification services, as well as international e-commerce sales and logistics.

Specialized International Logistics

International logistics solutions and services for food companies around the world selling in Canada, United States and Internationally.

    • International, maritime and air transport
    • Road, domestic and cross-border transport
    • Network of logistics warehouses in Canada and the United States
    • Warehousing services, 3 PL warehouses, order preparation and e-commerce
    • Customs documentation and customs brokerage, Canada and United States
    • Consulting services, customs and regulatory compliance
    • FDA: FSVP importer services, Facility Registration, as well as regulatory compliance and labeling.

Our network has more than 200 service points (logistics warehouses) in North America, which offer our foreign customers proximity to their buyers as if they were local. No more delays and penalties since we control appointments locally.

In addition, no matter where you are located in the world, our VIA Transit web portal allows your managers to track your cargo in transit, place orders and even view your inventories in real time in our warehouses.

Reliability, foresight, safety, experience and professionalism, this is what sets us apart!

Intro Video


This short video demonstrates our FSVP importer service to foreign manufacturers to allow entry of their products into the United States and international logistics for delivery to their customers.