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Case Studies

Customs Compliance Case Study

This case is very particular because of the specificity of its products. The customer, who is located in Canada, purchases raw meat from Europe for their dog food. These can be stored at room temperature prior to opening the packaging.

The meat products are under dual jurisdiction: because these products consist of meat, they are automatically under USDA jurisdiction, but since these products are for animal consumption, they are also under the jurisdiction of the FDA.

In accordance with the requirements and according to the official FDA documentation, here is what we did:

Groupe Transit registered the manufacturer and the Canadian customer with the FDA and assigned each their own FDA Agent.  We obtained a USDA export 

license for the client. During the initial shipment to the United States, the FDA held the shipment at customs because the agent responsible for processing the entry request concluded that the products were subject to the regulations that apply to  manufacturers of low-acid canned foods (LACF). 

Groupe Transit immediately made the required changes on the FDA platform and registered the manufacturer in the USDA’s LACF business register. In addition, we assisted the manufacturer’s quality control department in completing the questionnaire required to obtain the release of the detained cargo by the FDA. We received the FDA approval just 4 days after releasing the shipment, setting a new record for a process that typically takes 10 to 20 days to finalize. The client is Moz Pet from whom we received a testimonial. 

We are immensely satisfied with the services received by your team at Groupe Transit. From label verification to customs compliance validation, everything was perfect. You also solved the problems we had with the FDA and the USDA, which is no small feat 🙂 Thanks to your advice and knowledge, we even found an FSVP import, which allowed us to export our food to the United States. In addition, we had the opportunity to use your road transport services and once again we were delighted with the service and the very competitive prices. A thousand times thank you and best wishes for continued success, you all deserve it!