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Groupe Transit in QC Canada has been a game-changer for our logistics needs. Their efficiency and reliability are unmatched. From start to finish, they've consistently delivered excellence in transportation services. Their team's dedication to customer satisfaction is commendable. They go above and beyond to meet our requirements and deadlines, ensuring smooth and timely deliveries every time. Communication with Groupe Transit is seamless, making it easy to coordinate shipments and track progress. Their attention to detail and commitment to safety are impressive, giving us peace of mind knowing our cargo is in capable hands. In the competitive world of logistics, Groupe Transit stands out as a trusted partner. We highly recommend their services and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration. Thank you, Groupe Transit, for your exceptional service!
We're very pleased to work with Jacques and the team at Groupe Transit. They are experts at the prep necessary to break into the US market. Thorough, responsive, creative and incredibly knowledgeable. Great communicators too. Happy to give them our highest recommendation.
We have been working with Groupe Transit for several years now and are very satisfied with their services. Thank you, Groupe Transit, for being there so that we may rest easy, never experiencing any added stress because we can always count on you for our exports and imports! We are very grateful for all your work, whether for transport, customs clearance, tracking our shipments, and others, you are present, dedicated and trustworthy. We thank you for all you do and look forward to continuing our partnership for a long time. ​
With Transit, we found a dedicated partner, eager to satisfy its customers, who has supported us more than once during our exports to the USA. Without them, we would have been quite lost during our first contacts with our neighbors to the south. They are always ready to help and can find solutions to our challenges. Validation of customs compliance, offer of an FSVP Importer, negotiation with the USDA and our broker during problems with customs, storage services respecting food standards, these are just a few of the services offered under one roof by the professional team at Transit. Transit facilitated our integration into the USA and we are very grateful.
We began our partnership with Groupe Transit during the pandemic. Our person in charge at the time, had no experience in exporting. We received outstanding support and can always count on this great team to answer our questions. Even if they are sometimes beyond their mandate, they will refer us to the right place. FDA agent, FSVP importer, customs compliance, these are terms we do not master, but they are necessary for a good exporting experience. Doing business with people for whom this is their passion is reassuring. We use Groupe Transit for our cheese transports to the USA. Thanks to them and their expertise, it is always done with respect and good humor. Our companies share similar values, and we seek partners who can assist us in our expertise of producing high-quality cheese. Ours is a family business where the strengths of the employees are highlighted. Where others are respected and where the pleasure of working is at the heart of decisions. Thank you, dear partner!
Groupe Transit offers a very responsive and reliable service – The support is there! It’s a safe bet.
We have worked with Groupe Transit for several years because they have provided us with the highest level of customer service and they offer the full range of tools that we need to successfully work between Canada and the US, including FSVP Import, Customers Compliance Validation and Label verification. The clients that we have referred have also been very impressed! They have assisted us in some complicated situations, and always provide solutions and suggestions so that we can then provide the most efficient and effective service to our customers. Thanks to the Groupe Transit Team!
Hello I am writing to tell you that we are immensely satisfied with the services received by your team at Groupe Transit. From label verification to customs compliance validation, everything was perfect. You also solved the problems we had with the FDA and the USDA, which is no small feat 🙂 Thanks to your advice and knowledge, we even found an FSVP import, which allowed us to export our food to the United States. In addition, we had the opportunity to use your road transport services and once again we are delighted with the service and the very competitive prices. A thousand times thank you and best wishes for continued success you all deserve it.
We would like to share our complete satisfaction with the exceptional service provided by your team. Last August we were invited by the organization “Tim Horton”, one of our customers, to exhibit our “promotional bikes” made specifically by them, as part of the annual convention held in Las Vegas. This last minute opportunity represented a unique opportunity to showcase our activities with 5000 Tim H franchises. We therefore needed to ship, under very restrictive rules, several ''made in Asia'' bikes imported into Canada for exhibition in the United States … Preparation of the shipment, logistics, handling, delivery, brokerage for customs clearance. In a collective effort to carry out this mission, we relied on several of Groupe Transit’s areas of expertise. A bit of a cutthroat challenge because we could simultaneously lose our credibility with our client, lose an exceptional opportunity for visibility, and lose out on the exchange because of significant financial penalties imposed on “no shows”. We could not afford to drop the ball, we only had a few days… Hats off, we were even ready on site before the majority of the exhibitors, who had benefited from a lot more time to plan and prepare everything!! All that was left was to see the costs of the adventure because in a case like this, there was no question or time to ask for estimates because in this case success was priceless. Well, no surprise, competitive rates, even our precious grumpy controller didn't have to go the extra mile. Who do you highlight in the Transit Group for this great achievement??? …A team !! who loves their job and who is always an accomplice with their clients, small and large!!
Groupe Transit's Road Transport service is always available for our shipments. Whether it's a box, a half-trailer, a full trailer or even specialized, we can always count on them to provide us with fast, reliable and affordable service, even at the last minute. They always have a solution to our transport problems!
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