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How can we help you?

Want us to assist you?

Simplify the world of compliance and regulations

Are you preparing your business to export to the United States and internationally or to import products into Canada? Our regulatory team is here to answer your questions, from product selection, to HS codes and customs and regulatory compliance.

Access more customers by simplifying your business with you

For customers in the food industry, GROUPE TRANSIT can become your ‘FSVP Importer’, the point of contact for the FDA for any questions concerning your products or manufacturing processes. Taking on this responsibility will facilitate access to customers like Publix, Walmart or Costco who no longer want to take risks with foreign manufacturers.

Passages aux douanes fluide et sans effort

Our custom templates allow your staff to access to compliant customs and transport documents, allowing seamless door-to-door transit. We can also support you in maintaining or obtaining your CTPAT certification.

A qualified and reputable partner for your ‘last mile’ deliveries.

By using one or more of our more than 200 TRANSIT GROUP storage centers (HUBs) in the United States and Canada, you are local! Your deliveries will be on time to distribution centers at an affordable price.

Deliver on time while reducing your internal logistics management

GROUPE TRANSIT takes care of your FTL or LTL shipments in Canada and the United States. With over 500 carrier partners in Canada and the USA, you get the best price without compromising on quality.

International shipping by sea or air

As an international freight forwarder, GROUPE TRANSIT is able to obtain quotes and coordinate your door-to-door shipments anywhere in the world. Our network has more than 500 partners around the world, not to mention the expertise and experience of our local team to facilitate these more complex expeditions.

Expansion into the European market

With our colleague Michel Giraud in France, GROUPE TRANSIT relies on an experienced ‘International Business Manager’ to support European companies shipping to North America and to local companies the possibility of penetrating the European market based on our free trade agreement with the 27 countries of the European Union.

Increase your company’s revenue with a solid strategic plan for online sales.

Group Transit‘s expert online sales market analysts will be an extension of your marketing team.

We can assist in evaluating the potential of your products and establish a marketing strategy to maximize your chances of selling on Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

  • Predictable sales volume
  • Best Selling Price
  • Marketing budgets

Don’t wait for the end of COVID: Small, medium or large business, spread your wings now towards foreign markets by relying on the expert resources of the GROUPE TRANSIT team!