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About Us

Company Description

Welcome to Groupe Transit, the only company that makes intercountry food transport as easy as delivering next door.
With us, schedule flexibility is surprisingly impressive, and the team chooses to be mostly in the office even though they have the option to work remotely!
Yes, our atmosphere is exceptional to that extent.
Are you thirsty for independence and responsibility within a team that combines humor with professionalism?

Join Groupe Transit for a limitless career!

Why Choose Us

  1. Organize your ultra-flexible schedule according to your preferences, both remote and in the office.
  2. You have full authority to successfully execute your projects (after training).
  3. To be yourself! Authenticity, humor, and seriousness are our daily values.
  4. We take pride in being the only ones to offer such a comprehensive and efficient service.
  5. For our generous vacation policy.
  6. Hybrid, flexible, and efficient – that will be your schedule.
  7. Our atmosphere is truly unique and exceptional, to the point that it’s indescribable here.
  8. To build strong and meaningful connections.
  9. Always in problem-solving mode, we love challenges.
  10. Unlimited compensation – the better you are, the more you earn!

Your limitless career begins with Group Transit!