FSVP Importer Service



November 2017 - Following a US Congressional ruling, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) now requires foreign food and cosmetic suppliers to have a sponsor on US soil who becomes the legal FDA importer.

In 2020, the FDA will increase verifications during the clearance process so that many buyers, wholesalers, banners and other major US brokers are already asking their foreign suppliers to find another FSVP IMPORTER.

Do not wait until it happens to you. Be proactive! Make Group Transit your 'FSVP Importer'.


Group Transit and its partner Vermont Manufacturing Services (VMS) have been offering this FSVP IMPORTER service to Foreign Manufacturers since June 2018.

Although the current clientele is primarily Canadian and European, Group Transit represents companies from around the world, including Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Do you already import or are thinking of importing your food and / or pharmaceutical products into the United States? Contact us today!

FSVP Introduction video

This short video explains how Group Transit acts to allow the FSVP Foreign Manufacturer, regardless of its origin, to be able to import efficiently and in compliance to foreign supplier verification program and finally deliverto end customers in the USA.

FSVP Importer Packages

Two (2) Options Available

Group Transit offers two options to compliant companies, to represent them on American soil as 'FSVP Importer':

GLOBAL Passport:

  •  Global coverage for one (1) year on all of your US markets
  •  Unlimited number of imports

Passport 'À LA CARTE':

  • One coverage (per customs entry) for each of your shipments
  • Annual revision.

The foreign manufacturer must first provide  Group Transit with:

  1. The completed V001 registration form
  2. Its Food Security and Food Safety Programs
  3. A copy of the last Food Safaudit of an external firm



Click on the foreign supplier verification program form below to complete so that our team can validate your illegibility to the FSVP program. 

US Food Banners Services


Helping you keeping focus on your business

With its team of specialists based in Rutland, VT, Group Transit offers the various US food banners to act as the 'FSVP Importer' for their foreign manufacturers.

ADVANTAGES: The banner stands out from this important legal importer responsibility towards FDA and allows to focus its internal human resources on what matters most - YOUR OWN OPERATION!

FDA Facility Registration

Is your building registered with the FDA?

Is your processing logistics facility registered with the FDA?

If you're thinking of starting to import food or pharmaceuticals into the US, the first step is to register your facility (factory or distribution center) with the FDA.
This registration is renewable every two (2) years. Once completed, your site obtains a unique registration number worldwide, to be included on your import documents.

Group Transit can take care of this registration for you. Ask about our foreign supplier verification program FSVP program.

  • Fee: $ 279.95USD
  • Commissioning: 2-4 days
  • For an Express one (1) day, add $ 50.00
  • Includes: Company registration and FDA registration number.


FDA: Label Compliance and Foreign Supplier Verification Program



Once your site is registered with the FDA, the regulatory and customs verifications are done, this is the third step before you can ship products to the United States of America.

Whether it's for a product launch, a recipe change, or an introduction to the US market, Group Transit logistics offers a turnkey service to meet the many FDA requirements.


  • Production Labels of Nutritive Value Tables (Nutrition Facts)
  • Validation and elaboration of ingredient list on labels
  • Verification or proposal of your Label claims
  • Regulatory logistics Advisory Service


Our multidisciplinary logistics team has the expertise to provide you with (FSVP) foreign supplier verification program recommendations on a wide range:

  • Any kind of food and drink
  • Niche products
  • Shipping Container
  • Meat products
  • Verify if the product qualifies for generic approval
  • USDA approval request for products that require it