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Logistics Hubs

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When you do business with Canadian and American buyers, being “local” has a big influence in their purchasing decision process. With its vast network of logistics warehouses (HUBS), GROUPE TRANSIT offers you the opportunity to get closer to your customers almost as if you were their neighbor.

Our services are eligible for the federal export subsidy program

Well known for its logistics efficiency in North America, GROUPE TRANSIT uses its logistics HUBS to serve your most difficult customers. Night delivery, extensive wait times, these problems are reduced or even eliminated. Using a local carrier for final delivery gives you a local footprint noticed by your customers. You can therefore compete on equal terms with your Canadian and American competitors.


Warehouses located across the United States and CanadaContainer destocking and LCL delivery
Frozen, Refrigerated and Dry WarehousesCross-dock or monthly storage
Site with “Food Grade” certificationQuality and secure storage
Inventory of all hubs simultaneouslyPreparation of orders according to your requirements
LTL delivery of pallets


The strength of this network of ‘HUBS’ is the delivery to your end customer.

  • Use of regular local carriers that are preferred by your customers,
  • Costs for waiting time with your customers reduced by 80%,
  • Delivery in LTL (by the pallet) by appointment, thus avoiding “fines for delay”,
  • Electronic appointment booking for deliveries,
  • Quickly obtain proof of delivery via our application on PC or your phone
  • Access for your teams to Via Transit software, 24/7, anywhere in the world, allowing them to view your inventories in real time, place your orders, obtain reports and much more!

Be seen as a “local supplier”. Contact us for all the details!